People. Places. Planet.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and responsibility, for our customers, our people and the environment.

For the future of the planet and the next generation.

We are leading the electrification of transport by creating a charging network for the long-term.

A women with her children taking a break eating strawberries while waiting for her electric car to charge at a Osprey EV charger.

Access for all drivers.

Currently, customers with mobility requirements are not well catered for by the UK charging infrastructure, as accessibility has rarely been factored into site design. We recognise this as a major issue that needs to be tackled and corrected across the charging industry.

An Osprey rapid EV charging hub with 16 150kW charging stations and an accessible bay design.


Osprey has committed to accessible, safe charging for all by becoming the first CPO to subscribe to ChargeSafe.

Osprey and ChargeSafe

Project spotlight.

We are building an EV charging network that is open to all. By turning our EV chargers into spaces for artwork we celebrate themes and issues that are important to our staff and customers, whilst featuring some important causes and organisations.

Charger artwork
Two chargers with bright, colourful artwork installed celebrating Autism Acceptance Week.