Pricing and Payment

Paying for your charge.

We believe charging should be simple. We charge a single rate of 79p/kWh across our network and accept various payment methods including contactless payment on every charge point.

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How much does it cost to charge at an Osprey charging station?

We believe charging your electric car should be simple. We charge you for the amount of electricity you take, much like petrol or diesel. We have a flat tariff of 79p* per kWh across the whole network, whether charging by bank card or Osprey app, with no connection fees.

*Outside of any promotion

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How do I pay for EV charging on the Osprey network?

Charging your car shouldn't be complicated. All of our chargers have contactless bank card readers on them, and always will. We also accept ApplePay, Google Pay and Android Pay as well as a number of roaming cards. 

The Osprey App Request a VAT receipt

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App-y charging.

Find and navigate to Osprey charging points, start and stop sessions, view live status during your session, see charge history, and download VAT receipts. Oversee energy usage and charging costs from your phone.

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Roam Freely.

We accept a number of third-party payments and RFID cards including Allstar One Electric Card, Paua Electric Fuel Card, Mina Chargepass, Octopus Electroverse, ZapPay, Shell Recharge (formerly NewMotion), Plugsurfing and many more.

Roaming on the Osprey network
Person paying for their car charge by card at a Osprey EV rapid charger.