Our team.

Our team are a passionate bunch, committed to delivering the most accessible, convenient rapid charging network for our customers and landlords.

Executive team

Working at Osprey

We're looking for the most passionate and knowledgable people to join us in growing one of the largest and most popular rapid EV charging networks in the UK, for the future of our planet.

Two men in orange hi-vis jackets chat in front of a green substation.

Our greatest assets.

Our Purpose drives each person that works at Osprey, on a daily basis. It’s a desire to improve the world for future generations. It’s why we get up and come to work each day. As a shared Purpose it also brings us together into one effort, that achieves far more than profit or career success, and engages our partners and customers to join us on our mission too.

Lydia Macdonell (Project Manager) accepts the Award from host Lucy Siegle and the Renewable Energy Association team