Osprey App

App-y charging.

Charge your car, find EV charging stations on the Osprey network and monitor your charging progress.

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The Osprey App.

We’ve always had contactless payment on every rapid charger, and we always will.

With our EV charging app, you can easily locate and access Osprey charging stations, monitor your charging sessions, and pay for your charging, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Our app is designed to work seamlessly with all types of EVs, providing you with an optimal charging experience every time.

Download our EV charging app now.

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Charge to earn rewards.

Get ready to crack open egg-citing rewards with the all-new Osprey Charging app feature. Introducing the Hatch Card!
Charge, tap, and watch the rewards hatch. Get your game face on and start charging—every session could lead to exciting rewards. Don't miss out on the fun and the chance to win amazing prizes!

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Location, location, location.

With chargers located from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, you can have the Osprey network in the palm of your hand. Search for charging stations on the Osprey network and get directions to the nearest rapid charger.

Download to explore our nationwide network map.

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It's live!

View live session charging info and state of charge. Make the most of your re-charge time and check in on your car's status while you relax. Our locations are carefully chosen to offer the best facilities so that your top-up can be spent comfortably and enjoyably.

Download to track your charging sessions.

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History in your hands.

Keep a track of all your charging in one place. With the Osprey EV charging app, you can view and download VAT receipts, per session or per invoice.

Download to access VAT receipts.

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Get started today.

Download our EV charging app today and discover the future of electric vehicle charging. Whether you're an EV driver or a business owner, our app is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Osprey Charging App FAQs

No, we accept contactless payment on all of our rapid EV charging points

The cost to charge is a flat rate of 79p per kWh. There are no additional fees to charge via the Osprey app.

When using the Osprey app or Osprey RFID card, we may take a £25 payment reservation (pre-authorisation). At the end of a charging session, we will only bill you for the energy you used. If your session didn’t start as expected, you can retry, and we will reuse the existing pre-authorisation. Payment reservations are usually adjusted a few minutes after the end of your charging session. If you charged above the £25 you may see two pending Osprey charges on your account, £25 and the remainder over the pre-authorisation amount. While the transaction is updating you will see “payment due” or “pending” as the status in billing. Some banks take longer to clear the pre-authorisation fee. If you have concerns, please contact your bank directly.

Within the app, select ‘Profile’ and then ‘Charge History’, you will be able to view your previous charging sessions.

Within the Osprey app, select ‘Profile’ and then ‘Sessions’ – then select the session/s you wish to view and click download VAT receipt.

On the front of the Osprey RFID card, there will be a number. Within the ‘Profile’ section of the Osprey app, select ‘RIFD cards’. This is where you can assign your RFID card number to your account.

When updating your payment card details on our Osprey app, please ensure the relevant card information is entered manually, rather than selecting stored card details saved on your phone device. This will ensure the card details being entered are correct and the process is accepted. We accept all major credit and debit cards, except American Express. If you have any issues adding card details, please contact us at: [email protected].