Pricing and Payment

Roam freely.

Osprey believe in building a truly open-access network for all drivers to use and transact in the way that suits them best. We partner with roaming providers, including for fleets, to accept all major roaming cards and apps on our network.

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Charging your electric fleet.

Use one supplier to meet your all your charging needs, whether charging at home or on the road. One consolidated invoice for drivers, regardless of where they charge. At Osprey we partner with all major electric fleet charging solutions including Allstar One Electric, Mina and Paua.

Osprey launch partner for Allstar Osprey partners with Paua
A hand holding a phone with thie Paua EV Charging app open while facing an Osprey charging station

One app, thousands of chargers.

Charging your electric car used to mean hundreds of different apps and cards. Now you can use one card or app to access thousands of chargers across the UK. At Osprey, we believe charging should be simple and open-access. We accept all major roaming apps and cards on our network including Zap Pay, Octopus Electroverse, Bonnet and Shell Recharge.

Zap-Pay Octopus Electroverse
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