Charger artwork project.

We're turning our chargers into spaces for artwork to celebrate themes that are important to our staff and customers.

The project

We are building an EV charging network that is open to all. By turning our EV chargers into spaces for artwork we celebrate themes and issues that are important to our staff and customers, whilst featuring some important causes and organisations. Every few months, we choose a theme and an artist for a specially commissioned piece that is then displayed across our nationwide network.

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To celebrate Pride month, we commissioned Ben White to create an eye-catching piece of artwork that our chargers could wear to share some Pride love.

Ben (he/him) is a queer Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in South London. He loves creating playful and bold work that will make others smile. Aside from illustration, his interested include reading, film, art, cats, eating out, cooking, all things LGBTQIA+ and shameless obsession with pop music!

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Black History

To show support for Black History Month, chargers hosted artist Kaia Allen-Bevan's unique piece which challenges us to learn about black history and black experiences, and act on this all year round.

Kaia Allen-Bevan is a Racial Justice/Anti-Racism Advocate. She aims to create brave spaces to integrate anti-racist practices, embrace humility, to question and strive for an equitable future.

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Disability Awareness

All In Charge by illustrator Ella Murray was chosen following a public call for artwork submissions that celebrate and demonstrate support for the disabled community, for UK Disability History Awareness Month.

Studying in Bournemouth, Ella said "So much needs to be considered when installing chargers and building charging hubs. I myself know of some of the challenges faced everyday being on the autistic spectrum and appreciate anything that can make life a little bit easier."

Ella's website Accessibility at Osprey

Autism Acceptance

To show support for Autism Awareness Month, chargers hosted artist Rebecca Ellis’ unique piece to inspire drivers and others at our charging locations to learn about and embrace neurodiversity.

Rebecca Ellis is an autistic researcher, artist, science communicator and advocate for the neurodivergent community, "The piece represents the journey we are taking to reach autism acceptance and awareness".

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Osprey are once again celebrating Pride Month through our charger artwork. To show our support, chargers are hosting artist Sophie Kathleen’s unique piece to transform the charging experience into a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusion.

Sophie Kathleen (they/them) is a queer Illustrator/Artist based in Surrey, whose vibrant and often political work focuses on their passion for LGBTQ+ empowerment and taboo tackling subjects. The piece is an ode to queer joy, acceptance and love.

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Illustration representing queer identity and pride with people, flags and rainbows