Lydia Macdonell.

Project Manager for Osprey Charging

Lydia Macdonell joined the Osprey Charging Network team as a project manager in 2021. Prior to this, Lydia worked for Powervault, pioneers in sustainable energy storage solutions, in the role of Customer Service Manager.

Lydia immediately took over the project management of all rapid charging installations for our largest partner, Marston’s PLC. This involved building and maintaining a strong relationship with the Marston’s team by running bi-weekly calls and creating a weekly reporting process.

Within a few months Lydia had delivered her first live rapid charging site, managing the entire process from grid application, through site design, construction and finally energisation, despite various COVID restrictions and delays. Underpinning this project was Lydia’s ability to manage stakeholder expectations, co-ordinate various subcontractors and overcome point-of-connection alterations and meter installation delays.

At any one time Lydia is now managing over 30 Marston’s site installations at different stages of development, and the initial grid applications for many more that will join the pipeline later on.

As the Osprey development pipeline has grown and more landlord partners have come on board to install rapid chargers, Lydia has taken the additional sites and challenges in her stride, making the process as simple and easy as possible for landlords. She has successfully seen more than 30 further sites go live and is currently managing over 60 locations in total across various stages of development.

Going above and beyond the responsibilities of her role, Lydia ran a successful pitch to senior management to change the default size for new compact sites from 2 chargers to 3 chargers, and has also taken on the challenge of expanding several of Osprey’s previously installed sites to meet growing customer demand.

Lydia is passionate about growing the Osprey network, ensuring that our sites are of the highest quality and accessible for all drivers. From liaising in-person with contractors in high vis and hard hats across the country, to corporate video calls with our landlord partners, Lydia confidently communicates and represents our brand values and purpose.

Lydia has approached every challenge that has come her way with a positive attitude, never failing to find a solution through successfully managing a range of key stakeholders. Her passion and determination for delivering the EV charging network for the future is clear in every interaction with colleagues, clients and stakeholders, and she inspires the team around her.

Lydia’s work has been a driving force during a period of rapid expansion at Osprey and has significantly contributed to Osprey doubling its network size by the end of the year. She is absolutely instrumental to bringing many more rapid sites onto the UK public charging network, and therefore to advancing the EV sector’s success as a whole. In 2022 Lydia was awarded a Highly Commended in the REA’s Young Renewable Energy Professional of the Year category.

Lydia has worked on Marston’s PLC’s national rollout of EV Chargers for nearly a year and she is instrumental in progressing the network. The network now has over 110 sites with EV chargers installed, making it one of the largest private networks in the UK, which is a real achievement. Lydia has developed the management and tracking of the rollout, optimising the pace of installations in order to adhere to ambitious rollout targets.

Chris White, Energy Manager, Marston’s PLC

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