Harry Bleasdale.

Commercial Manager at Osprey Charging.

Harry Bleasdale is Osprey’s Commercial Manager, responsible for managing Osprey’s commercial partnership strategy and tracking the EV market and its associated developments in order to guide wider business strategy, and drive utilisation, profitability and growth. He joined the Osprey Charging Network team as a Business Analyst in 2019, when the company was just embarking on a major period of growth.

Upon joining, he was immediately responsible for the development of Osprey’s customer pricing strategy and financial modelling for both landlord contracts and charging hardware. This work was essential in developing a robust and commercially viable customer-focussed partner and technology strategy.

Harry’s quick grasp of the wider business context and implications of his analysis saw him promoted in 2020 to Commercial Manager, with more strategic responsibility. He took on the relationships with Osprey’s growing number of roaming, fleet, and other partners to ensure the network is fully open-access and commercially sound.

Driving utilisation, revenue and brand awareness for Osprey, and facilitating roaming for all types of drivers, Harry’s successful partnerships have been at the heart of Osprey’s success as a leader in the roaming and interoperability space. He delivered key roaming partnerships including firsts in centralised billing for fleets via partners such as British Gas, Allstar, Paua and European giant DKV (Greenflux).

Most recently, Harry negotiated for Osprey with Centrica, resulting in the network becoming British Gas’s first rapid charging partner. Harry engaged and influenced key stakeholders at Centrica and ensured their exacting standards were met so that Osprey were the chosen charging partner for their fleet fuel card. Upon winning the contract, Harry worked with various departments both at Osprey and Centrica to provide a seamless and market-leading integration between the two businesses’ software platforms.

This fleet partnership not only enables British Gas to transition its thousands-strong fleet to electric, it shows other fleets how possible it is for vans to switch to electric and publicly charge, significantly impacting uptake in the EV sector and ultimately contributing to the UK’s net-zero goals. 

Another key partnership that Harry has managed has been between Osprey and Octopus Energy. Osprey were the rapid charging launch partner for the Octopus Electric Juice Network (now Electroverse) in 2020 and Harry has owned and managed this ongoing relationship with aplomb, resulting in Osprey recently being chosen as the charging network partner for Octopus’s off-peak public charging trial.

Harry is a trusted source of commercial and technical knowledge within the business, keeping up with EV battery and charging technology as well as key research, analysis and trends in the EV market. This depth of knowledge has been shared with customers and peers by working alongside our marketing team to develop driver resources, presentations and thought leadership pieces. His article ‘Is Biggest Best For EV Charging?’ was published on Fully Charged. From leading meetings with potential partners to presenting and influencing at internal senior leadership days Harry ably explains and influences with his insights into EV adoption, technology, business models and EV charging infrastructure to different audiences.

Since joining the company in 2019 Harry has worked closely with our technology department on the development of a number of projects including our customer-facing app and the development of an integrated discount reward scheme. He has been instrumental in the building of our proprietary back office platform used to manage our network including our partner integrations.

Finally, Harry’s interdepartmental relationships at Osprey mean that he has become a key resource for many, regardless of his involvement in a project. Not only is Harry a fountain of knowledge, but the way he approaches each interaction with an open-mind and thoughtfulness means he is widely respected both internally and externally. His passion for Osprey and our mission to deliver a world-class charging network permeates each interaction that his colleagues, investors, partners and Osprey customers share with him. Harry’s work has seen him play a key role in the Osprey business, directly contributing to the significant growth seen since 2019. In 2022, Harry was shortlisted for the EV Under 30 Star award at the Electric Vehicle Innovation and Excellence awards.

Harry is a trusted sounding board and valued commercial advisor to the senior management team at Osprey. Over and above the responsibilities of his role, he supports his peers with a positivity and attentiveness that sets the cultural tone within the business and helps make Osprey a great place to work.

Dora Clarke, Head of Marketing & Communications, Osprey Charging Network

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