Dora Clarke

Osprey's Head of Marketing and Communications

Dora is Osprey's Head of Marketing and Communications. She joined Osprey (at the time, Engenie) in January 2018 as Marketing Manager and the company’s second employee, returning from working on a national EV strategy and leading on digital communications for New Zealand’s largest renewable generator, Meridian Energy.

She was immediately responsible for the creation of Osprey's marketing and brand strategies, communicating the key benefits of a then little-known chargepoint network to landlords and customers, whilst also building the website, a social media strategy, and sales team collateral. This work kick-started the growth of Osprey's external presence and partner list.

Landlords who partner with Osprey and customers that use Osprey chargers now feel and know that they are doing a good thing for their local environment. The branding has also proved effective in positioning Osprey in trade and national media, for example securing an interview on BBC News. Dora’s work directly promotes the benefits of electric vehicles in a way that resonates with consumers and highlights the key part that public charging has to play in enabling the uptake of low-emission vehicles.

As the Osprey network of chargers has grown, Dora took on additional responsibility for customer service and experience, determined to ensure that every element of the Osprey experience was as clean and easy as it could be for drivers. Dora is passionate about growing Osprey's customer base in a genuine and organic way, via daily engagement on social media with the EV community, building relationships with local influencers (many of whom are now ambassadors for Osprey), and supporting local initiatives to get more drivers to go electric, such as EV Meets. At the Fully Charged Live Show in June 2019, Dora created a ‘free charging’ campaign designed to bring hundreds of drivers (EV and EV-curious) to the Osprey stand to speak about their experiences, providing valuable insights and requirements for a truly customer-centric rapid charging network.

Dora is the anchor of consciousness in the Osprey machine that pulls the team back to how the customer would think, and feel. Her passion and determination for delivering a cleaner world for generations to come permeates each interaction that her colleagues, Investors, partners and Osprey customers share with her.

Dora’s work has seen her play a key role in the Osprey business and has significantly contributed to the company securing the pipeline, institutional funding and customer strategy that will enable the business to continue expanding our nationwide rapid charging network. In 2019 Dora was shortlisted for the REA’s Young Renewable Energy Professional of the Year.

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