Four great electric campervan trips.

In collaboration with Love Campers, Osprey Charging is excited to share some eco-friendly campervan holidays across the UK. Our mission is to offer a new perspective on electric campervan adventures and encourage people to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs).

Embracing green travel

An electric VW ID Buzz van parked on the grass below a cliff.

At Osprey Charging, we believe in the power of EVs, and we're championing electric campervans as a sustainable way to explore the entire country. Together with our partners at Love Campers, we've designed four electric campervan holiday routes in the UK:

1.     Land's End to John O'Groats – A journey spanning the entire length of the UK.

2.     From Capital to Coast – Travel from London to Skegness and enjoy coastal beauty.

3.    Along the South Coast – Explore picturesque destinations like Hastings, Taunton, and Cornwall.

4.    The England-Wales Border – Travel from Bangor in the north, to St David’s in the south of Wales.

Discover these routes in detail below, complete with easy-to-use, reliable Osprey charging stations along the way.

Caring for the planet.

Being outdoors allows us to reconsider our consumption habits. Nature's tranquillity, fresh air, and disconnection from urban life help us appreciate the beauty of our planet. Opting for an eco-friendly electric campervan ensures guilt-free travel, leaving behind no harmful emissions.

Are electric campervans worth it?

Electric campervans have faced scepticism, primarily concerning their range and cost. However, the electric vehicle landscape is evolving rapidly. Advancements in technology have made range anxiety a thing of the past. While electric campervans may be pricier than their petrol counterparts, the market now offers an abundance of affordable second-hand electric vans. For instance, a Nissan e-NV200 can be yours for approximately £10,899, and Love Campers can readily convert it.

Some of their converted campervans boast an impressive 250-mile range!

Where can I find out more about electric van conversions?

Our partners at LoveCampers are one of the few converters with experience building electric campervans. Love Campers is dedicated to increasing the number of electric van conversions, emphasising their commitment to a more sustainable future. Their expertise extends beyond simple conversion, as they incorporate cutting-edge features such as induction hobs and efficient solar panels, all while focusing on sustainable interior options like FSC-certified wooden furniture and natural fiber insulation.

Converting an electric van into a campervan is a straightforward process at Love Campers, with tried-and-tested designs suitable for various sizes and preferences.

Worried about charging?

The electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK is growing at an astonishing rate, eliminating any concerns about power supply during your adventure. Osprey’s network alone boasts over 750 rapid charging stations nationwide.

As a UK-wide rapid EV charging network, Osprey is renowned for its reliability and user-friendliness, accepting various payment methods and exclusively powered by 100% renewable electricity. Consistently ranking among the top three networks for ZapMap’s customer satisfaction. Osprey is your trusted partner on and off the road.

Electric campervan road trips.

In partnership with Love Campers, Osprey Charging presents four electric campervan holiday routes in the UK. Each of the locations listed will have several rapid Osprey charging points available for you to charge your vehicle. Download the Osprey app to explore their network and see real-time availability. It's time to experience an unforgettable and sustainable campervan journey with Osprey Charging and Love Campers! 

Lands' End to John O'Groats.

Embark on an epic campervan journey that spans the entire UK, from Lands' End to John O'Groats. This comprehensive route is not only a practical guide to electric charge points, but it also offers the flexibility to start and finish wherever suits your travel plans. Whether you're bound for the scenic beauty of Cornwall or exploring the northern reaches of Scotland, this route has you covered.

A map showing the journey from John O'Groats to Lands End with Osprey charging stations located along the way

Osprey locations

  • The Copper Coast, Redruth TR14 0BJ
  • Plume Of Feathers, Redruth TR16 5BN
  • Pinhoe Hoard Pub & Restaurant EX4 8GA
  • White Willow, Bridgwater TA6 6DF
  • The Landing Light Pub & Restaurant BS24 8EE
  • Bristol Inn, Clevedon BS21 7NL
  • Hollow Tree, Bristol BS32 9DA
  • Haywain, Gloucester GL2 4PE
  • Greyhound Pub & Resturant GL2 0XH
  • Oak Apple, Worcester WR5 2NL
  • Barn Owl, Worcester WR4 9UP
  • Newton Regis Garden Centre B79 0DF
  • Hickory’s Smokehouse, Nuthall NG16 1QE
  • Boundary, Normanton DE55 3NA
  • Little Castle, Chesterfield S44 5HP
  • White Rose Retail Centre DN4 5AJ
  • Sun, Doncaster DN5 8RN
  • South Baileygate Retail Park WF8 2LN
  • Willow Beck, Northallerton DL7 8UB
  • Team Valley Retail Park NE11 0HL
  • Willowburn Retail Park NE66 2DH
  • Pine Marten, Dunbar EH42 1LE
  • Haddington Retail Park EH41 3DF
  • Dalkeith Retail Park EH22 3PP
  • Old Colliery Pub & Restaurant EH22 1FD
  • Nae Limits Cafe, PH9 0LG
  • Three Witches, Inverness IV2 6ET
  • John O’Groats Tourist Stop KW1 4YX

London to Skegness.

For those looking to kick off their campervan adventure in the bustling heart of London, the London to Skegness route is an excellent choice. This shorter journey takes you to the picturesque coast of Skegness, with convenient campsite options for overnight stays around Peterborough. It's the perfect blend of city and seaside exploration.

A map showing the journey from London to Skegness along the coast with Osprey charging stations located along the way

Osprey locations

  • Stratford International Car Park E20 1YY
  • Brentwood Town Hall CM15 8AY
  • Bypass Nurseries, Ipswich IP9 2JR
  • Raven, Ipswich IP3 9QJ
  • North Quay Retail Park NR32 2ED
  • Copper Beech Pub & Restaurant NR5 0JT
  • Running Horse, Fakenham NR21 8SX
  • Wardentree Lane Retail Park, Spalding PE11 3ZN
  • Starbucks, Boston PE21 7JE

South Coast (Hastings to Taunton via Cornwall).

Starting from LoveCampers base in beautiful Newhaven, this South Coast route not only showcases stunning coastal scenery but also offers a unique opportunity to tour the Love Campers workshop. If you're interested in seeing their campervan designs up close, just reach out to their team in advance.

Osprey locations

  • Conquerors March, Hastings TN34 2RA
  • Castle Inn, Pevensey BN24 6HS
  • The Longshore Pub & Restaurant BN43 5LD
  • Brewhouse & Kitchen, Worthing BN11 4JD
  • Barnfield Retail Park PO19 6UX
  • Starbucks, Gosport PO13 0AT
  • Huntsman of Brockenhurst Pub & Restaurant SO42 7RH
  • Meteor Shopping Park BH23 3PY
  • Stourvale, Christchurch BH23 2AY
  • Trumpet Major, Dorchester DT1 2AB
  • Famous Old Spa, Weymouth DT3 5EQ
  • The Buttermarket, Poundbury DT13AZ
  • Pinhoe Hoard Pub & Restaurant EX4 8GA
  • Salmons Leap Hub, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0JR
  • Plume Of Feathers, Redruth TR16 5BN
  • The Copper Coast, Redruth TR14 0BJ
  • Pearl and Trawl, Wadebridge PL27 7HW
  • Belle Meadow, Barnstaple EX32 8HX
  • Hillsborough Car Park, Ilfracombe EX34 9QJ
  • Lower Lyndale Car Park, Lynmouth EX35 6EP
  • White Willow, Bridgwater TA6 6DF

Bangor to St. David's.

Explore the breath-taking landscapes along the England-Wales border on this campervan journey. Along the way, take a break and recharge at the Lamb and Flag, where you can enjoy a leisurely lunch while taking in picturesque views of the Abergavenny countryside. It's a route packed with natural beauty and charming stops.

A map showing the journey from Bangor to St Davids along the England-Wales border with Osprey charging stations located along the way

Osprey locations

  • Bangor Retail Park LL57 4SU
  • Talardy Hotel & Restaurant, St Asaph LL17 0HY
  • Running Hare Pub & Restaurant CH5 3DT
  • Wynnstay Arms, Wrexham LL13 8LP
  • Smithfield Bell, Welshpool SY21 7BL
  • Squirrel, Ludlow SY8 1LP
  • Lamb & Flag, Abergavenny NP7 7EW
  • Blaina Wharf Newport Pub & Restaurant NP20 2FR
  • Windsor Place CF10 3BZ
  • Cherry Laurel, Bridgend CF31 3RY
  • Llangewydd Arms, Bridgend CF31 5EJ
  • Morfa Shopping Park SA1 7BP
  • Sessile Oak Pub & Restaurant SA14 9WA
  • The Caraway, Carmarthen SA31 2NG
  • Savoy Country Inn, St. Clears SA33 4JP
  • Lost Coins, Haverfordwest SA62 4BP

Planning your journey?

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