Top reasons to make the switch to electric.

Are you considering purchasing your first electric vehicle (EV)? We want to share with you our top 3 reasons why you should make the switch from petrol/ diesel cars to electric.

We know that buying an EV can be quite a daunting commitment, but we want to prove to you that the benefits override any doubts that you may have so that in turn, you can reap the benefits of your proactive and forward-thinking behaviour.

A yellow Ford Mustang Mach-e parked in front of green mountains and a river

You will be helping to save the environment.

Electric cars do not produce any exhaust fumes helping to improve air quality and lower the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. The overall lower emissions of the EVs total lifecycle also means that you will have a lower road tax, in addition to being exempt from various cities’ congestion charges.

Cheaper to run.

No need to tighten your purse strings when planning your next road trip, as EV owners will spend less over an EVs lifetime than their petrol and diesel equivalents. Firstly, they have far fewer mechanical parts and so are easier and cheaper to maintain and with advanced features such as regenerative braking which limit the blow of wear and tear on the brakes of the vehicle, costs on brake repairs are significantly reduced. Furthermore, despite the rising costs of both oil and electricity, the fuel costs of EVs are still much lower compared to the cost of fuel. Don't believe us? Try Zap Maps Journey Cost Calculator to compare the cost of an EV with a petrol/ diesel vehicle.

They are fun to drive!

The driving experience of an EV is next to none. Their futuristic and spacious interior is a product of the absence of larger components compared to those found in petrol (engine and gearbox). In addition, electric cars are quiet to drive, they accelerate quickly and are usually very fast, which adds to the list of perks that go hand-in-hand when driving an EV.

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