How do you pay for EV charging stations?

A guide to convenient payment methods for charging your electric vehicle in the UK.

If you're new to the world of EVs, you might be wondering, "How do you pay for EV charging stations?" Worry not, because we're here to guide you through the various payment methods available for charging in the UK. So, let's dive in and discover the convenient payment options for powering up your EV!

How to pay at an EV charging station.

Contactless Bank Cards:

When it comes to simplicity and ease, nothing beats the convenience of using your contactless bank card to pay for EV charging. In the UK, many public charging stations are equipped with contactless payment terminals, allowing you to initiate a charge by simply tapping your card. In fact, from late 2023 all rapid charging stations must accept contactless bank cards. This method eliminates the need for additional cards or apps, making it incredibly user-friendly for both occasional and regular EV drivers.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps dedicated to EV charging have gained popularity in the UK. These apps, provided by charging networks or third-party platforms, allow you to locate charging stations, check availability, and make payments securely from your smartphone. By linking your preferred payment method to the app, you can easily manage and pay for your EV charging sessions, all with just a few taps on your screen. Plus you can access your charging history and VAT receipts making it easier to manage expenses if you drive for work.

RFID Cards and Key Fobs:

Some charging networks offer RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards or key fobs that you can use to initiate and pay for EV charging sessions. These devices work similarly to contactless bank cards, allowing you to authenticate and pay for your charge by holding them near the designated reader at the charging station, but are linked to an account.

Payment plans and providers.

Subscription Services:

In the UK, several charging networks and third party providers offer subscription services for frequent EV drivers. With a subscription, you typically pay a monthly or annual fee and gain access to discounted charging rates at specific locations within the network. Subscription services provide cost savings and convenience, particularly for those who are frequent users or rely heavily on public EV charging stations.

Roaming Services:

EV roaming services, such as Allstar One Electric and Octopus Electroverse, allow you to access charging stations across multiple networks using a single authentication or payment method. Whether it's an RFID card or a dedicated app, roaming services provide flexibility and convenience, enabling you to charge your EV seamlessly wherever you go.