Brookhouse Group join the Osprey network.

Largest of its kind retail partnership opens up EV charging to millions of consumers

Overview of the roll-out

  • Osprey Charging partners with Brookhouse to deliver rapid EV destination charging to retail sites across the UK.
  • Customers of major brands including Sainsbury’s, M&S and Argos are benefiting from the rollout.
  • Over 18 million vehicles typically visit the sites each year, opening up EV charging to the mass market.

Active charging sites.

Meteor Shopping Park, Bournemouth

Canal Road, Bradford

Manchester Road Shopping Park, Stockport

Queens Shopping Park, Preston

Parsonage Retail Park, Leigh

Barnfield Retail Park, Chichester

Alexandra Retail Park, Oldham

North Quay Retail Park, Lowestoft

Cables Shopping Park, Prescot

Hamilton Shopping Park, Hamilton

Osprey partners with Brookhouse Group.

Osprey Charging, today announces a major retail partnership with real estate specialists, Brookhouse Group, to install rapid EV charging at ten retail sites across the UK. The partnership, the largest of its kind in the UK, is already opening up rapid destination charging to customers visiting major retail brands such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Argos, Next, Aldi, and M&S millions of times per year.

Annually, over 18 million vehicles typically visit Brookhouse’s retail sites across the UK. EV adoption is accelerating as the 2035 deadline for the ban on new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles approaches, meaning a significant proportion of these will be electric in the near future. By offering on-site rapid EV charging services at ten of its sites – seven of which, charging services are already fully operational for EV drivers – Brookhouse is supporting the growing number of EV drivers visiting its sites, future proofing its portfolio and bringing an added incentive for customers to choose its sites, directly benefitting its tenants with increased footfall and dwell time.

The way we travel is changing like never before and already we are seeing a wholesale shift towards electric mobility. Customers will expect to be able to charge their vehicles wherever they shop, and our tenants will expect us to provide the infrastructure which enables them to do so. Osprey Charging’s convenient, easy-to-use and rapid chargers provide the perfect solution to attract the rapidly growing number of EV-driving customers to our sites.

Mike Nuttall, Property Director at Brookhouse

Osprey Charging covers all costs associated with installing and servicing the rapid charging points, eliminating financial risk. The full rollout will see a total of 17 Osprey Charging rapid chargers installed across ten sites throughout the UK. Seven charging sites, hosting a total of 13 rapid chargers, are already open to the public, with the remaining three sites expected to be completed before the end of the year. Each site is powered by 100% renewable energy and the partnership will prevent an estimated 16 tonnes of harmful NOx from polluting UK roads, and over 20 thousand tonnes CO2 emissions.

Customers visiting the sites can access Osprey Charging’s rapid charge points without the need for membership or subscription. Osprey Charging’s rapid chargers operate on a simple contactless payment method. The chargers are compatible with every EV on the market today and provide 80 miles of charge in as little as 30 minutes [Depending on the battery]. This means that during the average 73 minute shopping trip to out of town shopping centres, such as those owned by Brookhouse, customers can expect to add over 160 miles for range [Average time spent per shopping visit in Great Britain between 2012 and 2013, by location].

By ‘grabbing the grid’ and securing vital connections for rapid EV chargers before its competitors, Brookhouse is staying ahead of the curve, and positioning its sites as the go-to shopping destinations for EV drivers.  What’s more, our partnership is further proliferating easy-to-use charging infrastructure across the UK, enabling thousands of customers to top up their vehicles while they shop at their favourite retail outlets with the simple tap of a smartphone or contactless card. The market for on-site EV charging services at retail parks is primed for rapid growth as EVs hit the mass market and on-site destination charging becomes an essential offering. Osprey Charging has a proven track record in the retail park sector, delivering high quality charging infrastructure that meets the diverse requirements of tenants.

Patrick Sherriff Business Development Director at Osprey Charging

This announcement is Osprey Charging’s latest deal in the retail park sector, following previous announcements with Reef, M7, Northumberland Estates and more due to open this year. The announcement supports Osprey Charging’s plans to double the number of rapid chargers in the UK by 2024, following significant investment from Cube in July 2019.

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