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Planning your journey.

Planning a road trip in your EV? We have some tips and tricks for you so that you can make your electric journey as smooth and simple as possible. If you're totally new to all things EV, start with our Beginner's Guide.

Beginner's guide to charging

Know your electric car.

Before you head off its important understand your EV’s real range and the charge rate can your vehicle handle so that you can plan your recharge and rest breaks.

Charging Rate Calculator What affects my charge rate?
A close up of a rapid CCS connector plugged into an orange car with an Osprey sign behind.

Plan your route.

Stick to rapid chargers when you are driving longer journeys to make sure you get the most charge out of each stop. Find chargers along your route that have amenities so that you can grab snacks and take bathroom breaks while your car fills up.

Our EV network map Our rapid chargers
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Top up charging.

Did you know the last 20% of you charge can take almost as long as the first 80%? To avoid wasting time on long journeys do top-up stops rather than trying to fill your electric car.

Learn about charge curves
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Check availability.

You can check live availability of charging stations on the Osprey app. Most major mapping platforms including Zap-Map, WattsUp! and Google Maps all have live availability from most networks so you can avoid queuing when you get there.

The Osprey App
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Find a rapid charger.

Search for an Osprey charging station on your journey. With chargers located nationwide and comfortable amenities, you are sure to find one that suits your road-tripping needs.

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