Easy and enjoyable EV charging.

With our nationwide network of conveniently located rapid charging stations, recharge more than just your car.

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A CCS charging cable plugged into a blue electric vehicle

Super-fast charging.

Add up to 100 miles in 20 minutes

Our chargers
Three rapid chargers at John O'Groats tourist stop

Located nationwide.

From Cornwall to John O'Groats. From Norfolk to North Wales.

Find a charging station near you
A hand holds a smart phone with Apple Pay open onto the contactless payment terminal of a rapid charger

79p per kWh. No hidden charges.

Pay via contactless bank card, Osprey app, Octopus Electroverse, Shell Recharge, Bonnet and more

Pricing and payment
Mother pushing her child in a buggy back to electric car that is charging at a Osprey rapid charger.

Driver's choice network.

Recognised as a top network by Zap-Map for four years running.

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The Osprey App

We’ve always had contactless payment on every rapid charger, and we always will.
The Osprey App is perfect for regular users of our charge points. Charge your car, find EV charging stations on the Osprey network and monitor your charging progress.

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