Call for artwork submissions.

Project brief.

To celebrate Disability History Month and International Day of People with Disabilities, Osprey Charging are calling artists to submit an eye-catching and inclusive piece of artwork that our chargers can wear to show support and solidarity with the disability community. Osprey strive to create a safe, inclusive and accessible environment for all our drivers, partners and people.

Submission details.

Awarded commission:


Artwork dimensions and file type:

72.5cm wide x 75cm high

Final file can be png, jpg, pdf, svg, tiff


Midnight 13th November

Additional information:

We require an artist bio of around 50 words plus any social handles, or websites that you wish to be included on the art.

You can also provide an optional title and 50-word synopsis for the artwork.

Submit your artwork via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #OspreyUKDHM

About Osprey

Osprey provide all drivers with high-power electric vehicle charging in a convenient and thoughtfully placed network, across the UK.

Our charging is fast, reliable and easy-to-use and we secure long-term partnerships with landlords and local authorities. We’re building the charging network for the future of transport, to benefit the next generation and our planet.

Our values.

Building a network to last.

Building a network to last doesn’t just mean ensuring the durability of our charging points.

We want our work to leave a legacy, so we think deeply about the long-term in every aspect of our business and our conduct.

From the colleagues who join us, the Partners and suppliers we work with, to the ideas we have, the questions we ask, the decisions we take and the changes we make, we consider the long-term implications at every step.

Accessibility and inclusivity to all drivers.

What good is a ‘network for the future’ that can only be accessed by a select group? And how long would such a network last?

Accessibility to all is common sense to us, it should go without saying. Putting it into practice requires a certain mindset, to look outside of ourselves at every opportunity, to think of everyone, consider all abilities and competencies.

If our network is to last, it needs to work for everyone.

Partnering for the long-term.

We are building a network, and any building needs firm foundations.

We understand that the relationships we forge are the foundation to our long-term success and the growth of our network.

With every partner or potential partner engagement, we have long-term alliances in mind. We approach all our partners with the highest regard and commitment to a successful future, together.

Highest quality service.

The quality of our service is what has got us to where we are and remains our most important promise to our customers.

We pride ourselves on being a company with whom interacting is a pleasure, where personal, direct exchanges are commonplace and whose customers and partners are left with the very real impression that Osprey cares about them, how they’re treated and that they’re respected and valued.

Investing in the right people.

None of our values are realistic ideals without the right people to live by them.

We understand that any business is only as good as its people, and we consider all our other values when looking for the right people to help build our business.

We look not just for the best people, but the right people, who like us are open and committed, who care, and who want only the best for the next generation.

Openness and transparency.

We are up-front and go out of our way to ensure we are always clearly understood.

We leave nothing out, insisting that there is no room for ambiguity, so we use simple language to explain ourselves and offer further explanations whenever it’s needed.

Honesty is inherent in our interactions because we have an unrelenting commitment to openness and transparency.

All of this makes clear our integrity and instils trust in our customers.